MX Loop Winding Machines

The most versatile, operator friendly and cost effective solution for coil or pole winding applications. MX machines have been specifically designed and built for the quick and precise winding of copper bars or wire up to 3000 mm long.

Main features

  • Heavy duty steel framework with standard wire line height of the arm of 1200mm, but with possibility of changing this parameter as well as the winding arm length in order to make equipment suitable to individual applications.
  • System for wire breaking and constant tensioning by means of:
  • - Main reel-holder equipped with fixed braking unit

    - Tilting tensioning system

    - Control of the reel position by means of an encoder allowing varying reel rotation speed, in order to unroll the wire at a constant speed and tension

  • Easy and precise wire positioning on the reel by means of a hand wheel with trapezoidal screw. The operator precisely guides the wire and obtains a final outcome that is comparable to the ones obtained with more automatic winding equipment
  • Possibility of mounting a pneumatic cutter in order to facilitate the cutting and repositioning of the coil to be formed
  • Optional Reel-holder equipped with max 8 reel-holders with pneumatically adjustable brakes for the pre-tensioning of the copper bar during the working phase; it is also equipped with an electro valve for the copper bar release during the loading phase
  • The setting of all programs and parameters is carried out by means of a Touch Screen Operator Panel, interfaced to a PLC that manages the whole system

  • Technical Specifications




    Maximum torque 1200 Nm

    2000 Nm 

    Max speed range0-25 rpm0-20 rpm0-15 rpm
    Max speed range with CE Certification0-15 rpm0-12 rpm0-10 rpm
    Min width of loop200 mm200 mm200 mm
    Max length of loop1500 mm2000 mm3000 mm
    Pin diameter (min)15 mm15 mm15 mm
    Conductor width (min)1 mm1 mm1 mm
    Conductor width (max)50 mm50 mm50 mm
    Drum diameter (max)800 mm800 mm800 mm
    Drum width (max)300 mm300 mm300 mm
    Drum weight200 kg200 kg200 kg
    Machine weight550 kg900 kg1150 kg
    Drum stand weight150 kg150 kg150 kg

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