Manufacturing and supplying engineering solutions for over 80 years

World class wire and electrical engineering solutions

Whitelegg is a long established, family-owned, engineering company serving a variety of market sectors in the UK and Overseas.

We deliver solutions in the following product categories:

Coil Winding Equipment

For a large variety of applications such as electric motors, transformers, solenoids

Electric Motor Rewinding and Manufacturing

Whitelegg manufacture and supply a very wide range of equipment dedicated to electric motors

Wire Forming and Welding Machines

For making parts for domestic appliances, point-of-sale and for industrial handling, lampshades, automotive, air filtration and many other applications

Spring Making Machines

Machinery and Equipment for the manufacture of a range of springs and pressings/stampings

A global business

Whitelegg has exported to over 100 countries. The supply can range from a complete workshop of multiple machines to a hand tool.

Wire bending and welding machines and spring machines have created several niche markets such as lampshade frame machinery where Whitelegg machines produce over 80% of Europe's lampshades. Industrial filters (made of rings, stars and rectangles), Shop Fittings – wire stands, racks, shelves and trolleys, are other important markets.

The company supports a network of approved agents across the world and is proud of its high level of after-sales service for both repairs and spare parts, of which a large stock is maintained. Whitelegg’s own engineering works are located near the Sussex head office.

Bi-annually Whitelegg show their machinery at exhibitions in Germany, the USA and the Middle East.

New markets are researched by senior staff members taking part in trade missions organised by professional associations and the Chambers of Commerce.