HAR-1 Hydraulic Coil Spreading Machine

The HAR-1 Automatic coil spreading machine is really unique thanks to a perfect combination of technological sophistication,versatility and highly competitive pricing

The HAR-1 has been designed for:

  • Improving productivity
  • Reducing production time and costs
  • Allowing a quick component changeover
  • Simplifying the machine maintenance

HAR-1 is a highly versatile machine specifically built for the automatic forming of a wide range of coils,with maximum length up to 3500 mm.

Technical specifications

  • Loop Length (L) min. 380mm – max. 3560mm
  • Slot Length (L1) min. 280mm – max. 3250mm
  • Coil section (C x B) min. 10 x 10mm - max. 30 x 60mm
  • Spread (H) min. 0 – max. 1000mm
  • Lift (H1) min. 0 – max. 400mm (for trapezoid coils 180mm)
  • Active side angle (A°) min. 0° - max. 90° for each side
  • Evolute angle (a°) min. 0° - max. 30°
  • Evolute diameter (r) min. 16mm – max. 25 mm
  • Very high precision machine
  • Extremely strong mechanics powered by proportional hydraulic valves
  • Very easy to set up and use

Active side grippers/eyes:

Equipped with hydraulic cylinders for retaining the copper bar with the possibility of varying the locking position depending on the section of the coil that has to be formed.

Coil Forming:

The machine is equipped with 4 proportional hydraulic cylinders for coil forming, with manually adjustable supports (during the set up).


The movements that determine coils’ form are characterized by proportional cylinders equipped with encoders/potentiometers for optimal positioning

The positioning will be carried out automatically according to the data entered into the control panel.

All moving components are equipped with linear steel guides, for a highly precise and repeatable positioning and for the best final outcome.


In order to guarantee the operator’s safety, the machine is equipped with stop devices, security buttons, fixed barriers on the perimeter and optical fiber barriers on the machine’s access.

Control panel and programming:

The control panel is composed of: push-button panel, latest generation CPU.

HMI (Human Machine Interface), for the programming and set up of all forming parameters; it is equipped with touch screen operator panel connected to the main control panel

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