WBW- High Precision Butt Welder

For High Precision Welding

  • Can be fitted with special equipment for welding stainless steel
  • Pulse weld controls with program storage
  • Very strong welds with minimal or no upset
  • Full time control of all pneumatic sequences for a fully flexible solution
  • Designed for more demanding applications where no weld upset and yet very strong welds are required.
  • High precision PULSE WELDING included as standard. Up to eight different weld programs.
  • Pneumatic clamping and weld upset.
  • Foot pedal operation.
  • Full control and adjustment of all machine operation times.
  • Optional system for welding stainless steel with no requirement to de-burr.
  • Wire Range: 1.5-6.0 mm mild/stainless steel

This technology can be fitted to our CFM range of fully automatic wire forming and butt welding machines for the production of frames and rings.

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