CFM 2D Wire Forming and Welding Machine

Whitelegg Machines has specialised in the manufacture of 2D wire forming machines with automatic butt welding for over 30 years. The CFM Series, incorporating advanced software, new bend head and intuitive operator control, offers manufacturers even greater speed and reliability, helping them to meet the challenge to lower costs and improve quality.

CFM 2D Wire Forming And Welding Machine

Wire Forming and Welding Systems

  • Lowering production costs
  • Advanced forming head for production of very flat components
  • Parallel, burr-free cut reduces the need for secondary finishing operations
  • Quickest set up times
  • High output
  • Available with automatic high precision pulse butt welding
  • Both wire ends can be clamped before cutting for stability and precision
  • Tooling for strip
  • Whitelegg world-wide support
  • Unique stainless steel welding system
  • Remote access to your machine via LAN cable
Machine Wire range
2-4 (or 5) mm
CFM-650-TWS 2-6.5 mm
CFM-850-TWS2 2-8 mm
CFM-1050-TWS 4-10 mm
CFM-1250-TWS 6-12.7 mm
CFM-1650-TWS 6 - 16 mm

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