0.8 mm 5-axis Spring Coiling Machine

A 5-axis computer-controller machine suitable for the production of springs, including compression, tension (without loops) and rings. Exceptionally user-friendly programming, with memory storage for up to 150 springs. Automatic spring program generating feature to reduce set-up time. Servo motor control for the wire feed, diameter control, cutting and pitch slide and the horizontal pitch slide.


Wire range: 0.1 – 0.8mm
Max. OD: 20mm
Feed length: Unlimited
Production speed: 800 springs per minute maximum
Axis resolution:
Camshaft: Minimum: 0.1 / 0.01mm

Maximum: 9999.9 / 999.99mm

Wire feed:

Minimum: 0.1 / 0.01mm

Maximum: 9999.9 / 999.99mm

Voltage: 400 volts 50hz 3 phase 20 A
Dimensions: 126 x 118 x 154cm (unpacked)

200 x 130 x 175cm (packed)

Weight: 420kg (unpacked)

590kg (packed)

Standard Features

  • Vertical and rotating cut-off for left and right-hand springs
  • Touch probe circuit (excludes probe assembly)
  • Full set of tooling to cover wire range
  • Retractable mandrel assembly
  • 60kg Powered coilholder
  • Toolbox with spanners, Allen keys etc


  • Spring length gauges: Integrated within the computer interface or third party equipment..
  • With automatic length correction and sorting

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