60204 Safety Testers

For testing the electrical safety of machines and devices according to the machinery directive EN60204 and VDE113.

  • easy to read colour screen
  • innovative handy data entry via an illuminated rotary button
  • structured menu with practical functional buttons
  • multilingual user software
  • large storage capacity for subsequent data transfer
  • PE resistance test in four-wire-technology
  • insulation resistance test
  • high-voltage test incl. burning function
  • illuminated ring around the rotary button to shows the high-voltage level
  • residual voltage test
  • self-test via black box according to VDE regulations
  • electronic PE test current control
  • PE test with resistance or voltage drop display
  • electronic high-voltage setting
  • high-voltage with ramp up/down time
  • three HV modes: manual, automatic with time lapse and burning
  • worldwide voltage supply 110V…250V / 47…63Hz
  • test start upon touching the test object with the PE test probe
  • acoustical and visual status messages
  • password protection
  • digital I/O interface and analog actual value outputs for connection to other devices
  • interfaces for printer, remote control or result query
  • integration into production lines with PLC / PC remote control
  • two-circuit safety inputs
  • safety circuits with restraint-guided safety relays
  • PrintCom-software to save and print test results on a PC
  • designs options: tabletop unit, box unit, mobile caddy, 19”-installation
  • can be fully configured and optimised for specific OEM requirements
  • Two versions available depending on connection

  • Version 1

    Version 2
    The PE and insulation resistance tests are first performed
    by means of a test probe with an integrated control unit.
    Next the high voltage test is performed with two safety
    test pistols.
    This test can be actuated by a foot pedal or via a control
    unit integrated into the test pistol. various cable lengths
    or the test pistols are available
    The test object is connected to the central earth point.
    All three tests can be performed against this single
    ground point with the same test pistol.
    By activating the selection switches on the hand held
    control panel, the test methods can be switched over.
    A test pistol with a pressure dependent start button is used.
    To start the teat the test tip has to be pressed agianst the test object
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