WHHPK Hydraulic Puller/Pusher Kits

The WHHPK heavy duty, multi-purpose hydraulic puller kit range is extremely versatile and ideal for the requirements of motor repair shops

Includes 2-way and 3-way grip pullers, bearing pullers, bearing cup pullers and cross head pullers. All models are designed for pulling, pushing, installing and removing all press fitted or heat fitted parts such as gears, bearings, sleeves, cogs, internal bearings, wheels, sprockets, flywheels, etc. The range offers a selection of 4 models with pulling capacities up to 50 tonnes, all supplied complete with a full set of versatile, detachable hydraulic components.

  • Working pressure 700 Bar
  • Complete hydraulic system supplied, including gauge
  • High quality, drop-forged steel components
  • Supplied complete with storage and transport box
  • WHHPK-1 : 10 ton capacity
  • WHHPK-2 : 20 ton capacity
  • WHHPK-3 : 30 ton capacity
  • WHHPK-3 : 50 ton capacity

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