WAS2 Floor Standing Insulation Stripper

Designed to remove insulation from copper wire and strip

The WAS2 is very well equipped for removing insulation from stator and armature coil leads, profiled copper section covered with glass fibre can also be effectively stripped.

Swarf is collected in a box and an optional dust extraction system is also available.

Drive is via a three phase 0.37 kW motor onto which are fitted extension spindles to hold the wire brushes.

Unique features:

  • One motor is fitted with a reverse switch which allows negative pull for heavy conductors.
  • Foot pedal operated raising and lowering mechanism is fitted to one motor. This allows the motor and spindle to lowered to a pre-set stop for removing insulation from the sides strips of thick cross section.

Wire brushes of various grades are available. The width is 40 mm, the diameter is 80 mm. 

Dimensions: 80 x 83 x 115 cm, 145 kg 

Ready for connection to a 400 V 3 phase 50 Hz supply

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