THPG AC Flash Tester

Very Heavy Duty with high milliamp capacity for properly testing motors and windings

THPG -AC Flash Tester

Very heavy duty unit with simple control system. Designed for years of trouble free use.

Model THPG-5 Adjustable 0-5kV, 100 mA with two measuring ranges

Model THPG-20 Adjustable 0-20kV, 50-300 mA with one measuring range. 6,000VA

With burning out facility, infinitely variable voltage regulation, built in transformer overload protection, digital voltage readout, digital current readout. 

THPG-5 is supplied with test pistols but for the larger models measuring leads must be connected directly to the device under test, connection via test pistols is not possible.

Please select the length of test cable that you require. 

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