Electric Motor

TAL2800 Coil taping machine

Semi automatic taping machine ideal of small and medium production. Highly maneuverable and practical.

Taping Head Aluminum rotating unit connected to the run motor by a toothed belt; it is equipped with 2 coil holders with braking system for the adjustment of the tape stretch during the taping phase. Tape size: Øext110 mm Øint38 mm H tape 20 mm

Coil Support Grippers To support coils during the taping cycle, these are supported by a series of grippers connected to the system. The closing strength of the pliers can be adjusted up to a 50 kg limit.

Coil dimensions:

Length (eye/eye) (L)min. 500mm –max. 2800mm

Coil section(CXB)min. 10 x 10mm -max. 30 x 60mm

Active side opening (H)max. 900mm

Eye lift(H1)400mm

Tape holder coil –medium head:Øext 110 mm Øint38 mm h 20mm

Tape holder coil –small head: Øext 68 mm Øint38 mm h 20 mm