MTC2 R7 Automatic Electric Motor Analyser

NEW Featuring all new measuring hardware, operator software and the most ergonomic housing, the MTC2-R7 features unmatched test speeds and precision. The very latest technology has been applied to revolutionise and really extend what is possible from desktop electric motor analysers. Newly patented test functions add real benefit to both production and repair/maintenance environments. Many additional test functions can be added to extend the capacity and different housings are available to suit mobile, workshop, automated installations and production requirements. The tester is so easy to use and program that new users can be taught in minutes.

Key Facts

  • The latest hardware technologies paired with state-of-the-art .NetCore software come into play. This significantly increases the accuracy of the individual test methods and of the measurement speeds.
  • Unsurpassed and repeatable winding fault detection thanks to the newly patented peak to peak measurement method. This enables highly sensitive fault detection even in the case of coils with very high numbers of windings, connected in series or parallel.
  • The world's fastest partial discharge test via the 50Hz pulse frequency option (optional)
  • Sense of rotation is built in as standard. An optional probe is all that is required.
  • The largest and brightest full HD15.6 inch touch screen display. On screen keyboard in no possible as well as conventional USB keyboard.
  • All connections easily in reach on the right hand side - no need to go to the rear to make test connection or connect peripheral devices
  • Fully integrated RLC test (capacitance and inductance)
  • Four test connections plus Earth as standard allowing star pints to be connected. This then allows the tester to analyse from both ends of the winding giving far higher test accuracy
  • Unrivalled fully automatic test method switching to all test connections via a matrix in an oil bath
  • Virtually unlimited compatibility thanks to built-in Windows 10® | 11® PC. Easy to use, easy to connect to any printer. The Windows environment offers easy connection for our engineers for software updates and trouble shooting.
  • 6kV,12kv and 15kV versions available in standard format with larger versions up to 50kV.
  • See The motatest 2 for surge testing up to 3kV: Motatest 2 - 3kV Multi-function Surge Tester for electric motors - Whitelegg Machines

The test methods

  • Resistance test
  • Inductance test
  • Capacitance test
  • Insulation resistance test
  • Insulation resistance test PI /DAR
  • High voltage test DC
  • Step voltage test
  • High voltage test AC
  • Surge voltage test
  • Partial discharge test at surge voltage (conforms to standards)
  • Send of Rotation
  • Optional Bar to Bar accessory for DC armatures

Above shows connections on the right hand side.

Above shows test screen with Partial Discharge graphic

Above shows MTC2R7 with additional functionality added such as the AC test

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