Automatic copper stripping and cutting machine

Designed for straightening, cutting and insulation removal of copper bar

  • Motor controlled copper decoiling unit
  • Horizontal and vertical straightening groups. With independent high precision adjustment
  • Servo controlled feed unit via high speed belt 0-600 mm/sec
  • Very fine adjustment control of the brushing unit. Wire brushes, abrasive rings or tungsten carbide rollers can be used according the the copper section being processed.
  • Compensation unit moves the rollers so that the whole brushing roller surface is used
  • Very fast and efficient cutting unit which leaves no burrs
  • Parts ejected into a storage area up to 6 m long

15 x 4 mm
Copper section minimum 3 x 2 mm
Cutting length 0.5 - 2/3 m
Stripped length 10 - 100 mm
Coil weight / diameter 200 kg max or up to 600 kg on request max 600 mm dia.
Feed speed 0-600 mm/sec
Brushing speed 0-80 mm/sec
Supply 400 V 3 phase 8 kW +earth + neutral. 6 bar pneumatic supply

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