GR1/2 Heavy Duty Hand Held Growler

Hand held device for testing shorts in stators and armatures

For armatures 150-300 mm diameter

For stators 60-300 mm.

Easy to handle and highly sensitive using the "feeler" method. The feeler vibrates if there is a short - a simple and positive test.

Model GR1 for a 110v single phase power supply

Model GR2 for a 230v single phase power supply

Growlers will work on any armature where the coil can be isolated magnetically. Typically these are found in DC armatures, though some AC rotors, depending on how they are wound, may also be tested. In an AC motor, if there is a squirrel cage or other type of ring that prevents individual coils from being isolated magnetically, then this may interfere with a growler’s ability to function.

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