IMPREG Impregnation Tanks

Specially designed, simple to use impregnation devices for electric motor repair shops. With integrated varnish storage tank to keep the material in excellent condition and pump to raise the varnish height in the impregnation tank.

Model Immersion Tank DimensionsTank CapacityLoad capacity
IMPREG Mark 390 x 90 x 35 cm (H) 250 Litres1500 kg
IMPREG Mark 4120 x 120 cm x 35 cm (H)450 Litres1500 kg
IMPREG Mark 5150 x 150 cm x 35 cm (H)700 Litres1500 kg


1. Close Valve

2. Put stators onto the grid support structure

3. Start electric motor. Varnish will slowly rise. Overflow system prevents varnish loss.

4. Stop electric pump.

5. Open valve and varnish will return to the storage tank

Windings over 35 cm in height can be impregnated using the trickle hose

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