STH-Stator Mobile Work Station

​Stator Lifting
Stator Turning
Time and space saving devices
Improves the operators working environment

A New Concept in rewind workshop Practice

  • Winding
  • Connecting
  • Impregnating
  • Curing All in One W
  • Transporting

Safe handling of heavy stators up to 450kg weight. The operator can safely manipulate stators through 360. The hydraulic lift with hand lever pump allows one operator to secure, lift and manipulate stators of all types - with foot mounting, with flange mounting, or without any frame. For motors without feet, a heavy-duty chain clamp is provided.

The RE-NU Working Station is designed to allow one operator to carry out all processes safely and efficiently - slot insulating, placing of coils, taping, connecting, impregnating and stoving.

If epoxy resins or polyester resins are used for impregnation, the windings can be connected to a transformer for curing. In this case, the resin is manually poured over coils: to ensure full resin penetration, the resin is applied from both ends, the rotation facility of the RE-NU being ideal for this application.

If varnish is used for impregnation, the RE-NU Trickle Impregnation Tank is recommended. The base of the Working Station is designed in such a way that it can be wheeled over the Tank so that varnish applied by the varnish pump and nozzle passes into the conical drip tray and back into the container for recirculation.

The RE-NU is supplied with an extension arm and lifting hook which allows its use for lifting motors from the floor for transportation within the workshop.

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