WHSCC-01A - 01B - 01C Stator Coil Cut Off Machines

For fast and efficient coil cut off No damage to the stator Electrically driven For stator bore up to 450mm Different blade diameters and types available

  • Robust and well proven coil cut-off machine
  • Excellent method to cut-off the end windings of stators prior to extraction.
  • Suitable for use with all stator types.
  • Special self centering mechanism for accuracy and safety
  • Electrically Driven
  • Fitted with full safety guarding
  • Very quick cut-off speed
  • No damage caused to stator laminations
  • 1.4 kW cut off motor with two speed ranges
Exterior Clamping of StatorInterior clamping of StatorMax. stator weightMax cutting height
WH-SCC01AUp to 625 mm stator ODFor stator bore up to 310 mm400 kg450 mm
WH-SCC01BUp to 700 mm stator ODFor stator bore up to 500 mm600 kg600 mm
WH-SCC01CUp to 1000 mmFor stator bore 100-900 mm 1000 kg1000 mm

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