Superclean Dry Ice Blaster

For the non destructive cleaning of electric motor housings, stators and rotors. Very efficient system that uses no harmful chemicals

EY-4000 Dry Ice Blasting Machine

  • Small. light and maintenance free
  • Dual blast hose technology
  • Designed specifically for areas where high ambient air humidity often make dry ice cleaning difficult.
  • Features 2 different pressure ranges, one for rugged applications and one for very sensitive  cleaning of electronic components for example
  • Superb results when cleaning electric motors

Dry ice hopper capacity 20kg

Dry ice feed rate 0 - 50kg/h

Compressed air connection 1 inch BSP

Weight (empty) 48 kg

Working ranges: low pressure 2-10 bar, standard range 5-15 bar

Compressed air hoses 16 bar

Dry ice hose 10 bar

Blast Unit 15 bar

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