HN Light Duty Coil Winding Machines

For lighter duty coil winding applications. Model HN-711 will wind field coils and armatures as well as stator coils. Model HN-611 for winding stator coils

  • Fitted with a digital revolution counter with pre-select so that the machine slows down and stops at a precise angular position.
  • Drive from a 1-phase motor with inverter giving variable speed drive 0 – 900 rpm.
  • Supplied with a 500mm faceplate
  • Complete with safety interlocked operator guard.
  • For bench mounting Suitable for motor coils up to 50kW.
  • Optional table with storage drawer.
  • Optional micro-processing counter to store programs.
  • Weight: 80kg or 127kg with table.
  • Dimensions: 660 x 810 x 740 mm or 830 x 810 x 1490 mm with table


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