3F Combined Stator and Armature Winding Machine

Semi Automatic multi-purpose winder for stator and armature windings

Drive is by an AC motor with inverter speed controller to a 3-speed mechanical gearbox. This gives very strong torque characteristics. Gear run in an oil bath for ultimate protection and longevity. The predetermining digital revolution counter allows an automatic slowdown to achieve an accurate angular stopping position via an electric brake.

Armature winding characteristics:

Armature core diameter: 30 – 100mm

Armature stack length: 50-130mm

Wire range: 0.3 – 1.5mm diameter

Shaft length: max. 400mm

Tooling adjustable for straight and skewed slots. The machine is fitted with a 500 mm diameter faceplate and end support with revolving centre which allows it to be used for winding transformers and stator coils. Inclusive of one type TI wire tensioner and dereeler.

Winding with two or three wires in parallel is possible which requires additional TI units.

For armatures with very short slot span, special tooling is required.

Armature tooling and tail-stock is easily removed to allow coil winding for stators

Stator Winding Characteristics:

Maximum Torque: 980 Nm

Maximum coil cross section:250 mm2

Maximum motor coil to be wound: For motors up to approximately 250-300 kW

Maximum coil diameter: 1300 mm

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