Stator Holding Rings

Highly versatile range of manual and powered stator handling rings. Securely holds the work piece and allows easy access for coil and insulation insertion. Ideal for workshops and schools

Two plane movement

  • Low cost option, screw or expanding fastenings
  • 360 degree rotation of inner ring
  • 3 versions in range
SHR-01 SHR-02 SHR-03

Diameter of inner ring

200mm 350mm 500mm
Stator weight capacity 50kg 100kg 200kg

Three plane rotation

Superb advantages when coil inserting, insulating and switching. Note that the stator requires additional securing to the ring when rotated to the third plane to prevent slippage.

SHR-04 SHR-05 SHR-06

Diameter of inner ring

200mm 350mm 500mm
Capacity 35kg 70kg 150kg

Two plane rotation

  • Consisting of base frame with revolving table and ring.
  • Any desired position can be achieved
  • Excellent time saving device-no need for wooden spacers
  • Motorised versions also available for stator weights up to 4000 kg
  • SHR-07 SHR-08 SHR-09-Electric SHR-10-E

    Diameter of inner ring

    700mm 1000mm 1400mm 1800mm
    Capacity 500kg 600kg (750kg with electric turntable, 3,000kg with reinfoirced version)
    1,000kg (3,000kg with reinforced version) 1,200kg with electric turntable (4,000kg with reinforced version

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