AW-1 Armature Winding Machine

The armature winding machine AW-1is a universal machine for winding a diverse range of armatures and coils. As the machine is simple to operate and quick to set to the various armature sizes, it is suitable not only for individual winding, but also for batch winding of armatures

The wire guiding device is simple and quick to set according to the armature diameter and the stack length, also for armatures with skewed slots. The wire guide plates lie against the edges of the armature slots with spring pressure and hold the slot insulation firmly. The wire guide plates are opened by a hand wheel and the armature can be further rotated from slot to slot. The armature holder in the machine support is arranged for axial and radial adjustment. In order that the wire guide plates can be set accurately on to the armature slot edges, the axial adjustment is provided with a micrometer adjustment. The various lengths of the armature shaft are set between centres on the armature holder. The armature can be held both with and without centralization of the axis. A guide hook covers the commutator so that the wire insulation is not damaged as the armature is wound.

The armature winding device is easily removed. By fitting various winding fixtures, faceplates, winding mandrels and chucks, stator, form, magnet and transformer coils etc. can all be wound. After the pre-set number of turns has been reached, the machine stops automatically. The counter can be switched for both, forward and reverse winding. The clutch gives a smooth start to the winding shaft by both hand lever and pedal. The machine can be stopped during the winding cycle by means of a lever stop switch. Drive is by a pole-change motor with 3-step pulleys.

Ready for connection to the 3 phase 400V 50Hz supply. Nett weight is 65kg. Dimensions are 95 x 65 x 50cm

Wire range: 0.1-1.5mm

Max winding diameter 500mm

Armature diameters 20-120mm

Max Armature shaft length 400mm

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