HCM Medium Duty Coil Winding Machines

Medium Duty Coil Winding Machines. Ideal for winding electric motor coils and transformer coils.

  • Ideally suited for the winding of electric motor field coils for motor up to approximately 250 kW.
  • It is equally suited for the winding of transformer coils up to 55 kg.
  • Solid welded steel fabricated base - very robust.
  • The machine is driven by a single phase motor with an inverter speed controller.
  • Speed range is 0-700 rpm in three gear ranges via a heavy duty gearbox. The correct torque can therefore be selected for each job. The maximum torque is 980 Nm. The maximum speed can be set by a panel mounted potentiometer.
  • The machine is supplied with a foot pedal for the independent speed control up to the maximum preset on the potentiometer.
  • The machine is fitted with a electronic digital revolution counter with pre-selection so that it will slow down before the final revolution count is reached and, with the aid of an electric brake, stop at a precise angular position. This is particularly useful when winding sets of field coils, and the operator is always able to obtain the cross-over in the correct position.

HCM-380 shown with AJ1 winding fixture with A arbors



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