HDi Heavy Duty Coil Winding Machine

Designed for heavy duty applications and suitable for motors or transformer winding

  • Floor standing machine with low level base and tailstock
  • Forward and reverse winding direction switch
  • High and low speed ranges
  • Potentiometer for setting maximum speed
  • Dual foot-switch for winding speed and brake release
  • Three jaw super slim chuck
  • Electrically actuated brake
  • 5.5 kW AC motor via a helical bevel gearbox
  • Tailstock of welded steel fabrication with two 50 mm support rollers
  • Maximum distance between centres 1600 mm (larger on request)
  • Maximum coil weight 2000 kg
  • Maximum coil diameter 1000 mm
  • Maximum torque 3000 Nm
  • Torque ranges 0-1500, 0-3000 rpm
  • 400V 3 phase supply

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