Exhibition at Drives and Controls 2016

From the 12th-14th April 2016 Whitelegg will exhibit their range of electric motor testing equipment at Drives and Control show at the NEC, Birmingham. Many new features will have their UK launch at this event.

Whitelegg and our German principle Schleich will be exhibiting their full range of electric motor testers.

Among the many highlights will be:

NEW: Voltage Analyser 

to measure and voltage at the motor terminals and measure actual rise time during a partial discharge test. This important technology helps meet the latest IEC testing standards for all inverter controlled motors.

NEW: MTC3 Automatic Motor Testing System

The latest version will be on display. Incorporating a full suite of tests. Ideal for production or R&D applications. Includes Partial Discharge testing via the surge teat AND partial discharge testing via a high voltage AC test. Thus both turn to turn insulation weaknesses and winding to frame faults can be detected.

NEW: Bar to Bar tester for DC armatures. Featuring new software and a completely new handling device that replaces the standard hand held probes. This dramatically improves the test procedure.

NEW: On Line Dynamic Motor Analyser

For the on line monitoring of a motor whilst running. Ideal for on site applications or when running up a motor after rewind or overhaul, this device produces a superb mix of test results in an easy to use, clearly structured package. It will measure electric performance parameters and from there calculates important data such as : current consumption, voltage supply, mains analysis, harmonics, efficiency, torque and many more. It's the ultimate monitoring machine.

Motatest 2 Multi Functional Motor Tester

11 Test methods in one. Battery and mains powered. 3,000V Surge Test, Resistance, Capacitance, Inductance, Impedance, Insulation Resistance, HiPot and many special test for DC motors and other tests. The ultimate, flexible, workshop electric motor tester

MTC2 Advanced Winding Analyser

The most flexible and precise Surge tester available on the market. Touch screen control via a German built industrial PC with wireless keyboard and mouse also integrated. At the exhibition with integrated partial discharge testing to the latest IEC standards.

Fully automatic test plans can be entered for fast and effective automatic switching between all of the test methods. Alternatively a very simple manual mode can be selected running one test at a time. 

This tester has it all and is suitable for use in a motor repair shop, and R&D facility or production environment. Its is fully configurable so any test plan and parameters can be set.

NEW: GLP2 - Safety and Functional Tester

Designed to test a huge range of electrical goods. For production line, component or other applications. 7 inch touch screen interface with incredibly easy set up and programming. Covers all the main test methods with integrated High Voltage AC and DC tests to 6,000V, insulation, function test to 16 amps, earth/ground bond resistance, voltage, resistance, IR, leakage current.