Case Studies

Whitelegg Success with German Fan Guard Production

Extending capabilities for super sized products

The use of large ventilation fans for air circulation systems in motorway and rail tunnels, mines and all kinds of industry means an equal demand for appropriate safety guarding.

The photograph shows a 2.2 metre diameter fan guard produced by Jorg Schaefer Drahtsysteme of Germany. Schaefer chose the Whitelegg CFR Automatic Ring Former and Welding Machine because of its reputation, butt welding capability and speed of production.

Although the nominal diameter range of Schaefer’s machine is 1000mm, with a frame extension and some hand assistance, rings in excess of 2000mm diameter are made using mainly 2 and 2.5mm wire.

Developed and perfected over the past 40 years, the Whitelegg CFR is ideal for these applications with perfectly round, butt welded ring production of up to 1200/hour. The three models of the CFR cover a wire range from 2-8mm dia.

This successful British engineering company was established in 1930 and is proud of its export successes with 70% of wire production machinery going overseas!