Wire Forming

VM multi axis spring and wire forming cell

Fast and flexible production cell drastically reduces production costs and secondary operations for spring wire up to 4.0 mm. For all torsion spring manufacturing and forming requirments

  • High speed production
  • Unique high speed wire rotation system with centre of gravity at the centre of revolution
  • Quill in/out function with 60 mm of movement. Quill has a depth of 120 mm.
  • Split slide table with top and bottom slide holders having +- 20 mm right and left movement on VM-26 and +- 53 mm side to side on VM-40

  • 5 additional axis available for greater wire forming possibilities
  • 0.001 degree axis resolutions provide the best accuracy 
  • VM-26 for wire range 1.0 - 2.6 mm spring steel
  • VM-40 for wire range 0.6-4.0 mm spring steel
  • Windows based control system
  • Vibration free operation with low inertia systems
  • Maximum 16 axis
  • One 2 axis spinner and one single axis spinner supplied as standard
  • See these video links below: