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High Voltage AC/DC Testing for HV motor coils


Thumb schleich hv50kv   test cage

High-voltage AC/DC 1-100 kV With a very wide range of test voltages possible, we also supply any special test voltage to suit your application. In addition to the test voltage, the required test current is of course also very important. The current range extends from safety current limited 3 mA up to many amperes.

Our DC high-voltage testers either have very precise and extremely voltage stable DC sources of various power ratings or are equipped with diodes for rectifying an AC high voltage.

Of course, the scope of delivery also includes contacts and the legally required safety devices and protective measures such as:
high-voltage safety test pistols ⋅ single test hoods ⋅ double test hoods ⋅ test cabins ⋅ test bays ⋅ blocking chains ⋅ two-hand start ⋅ emergency stop devices ⋅ special solutions …

Switching Matrixes

Often the test objects have more than 2 test connections. In automatic test stations, this requires corresponding switching matrices in order to be able to carry out any high-voltage tests fully automatically between all test connections.

These matrices are either integrated in the test set or can be connected externally to the test connections of the high-voltage test set as a flexible matrix extension. The universal switching matrices are available as standard for a wide variety of pole numbers, test voltages and test currents in two- and four-wire technology.

Here is a video showing an HV coil under test: